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New York



Digital Design, Print Design


During my tenure from 2019 to 2022 as a Graphic Designer at ELEMIS, the prominent UK skincare brand located in New York, I played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's visual narrative. Over these three years, I spearheaded the creation of impactful design elements across various platforms, including packaging, promotional materials, and digital assets. This period allowed me to deepen my understanding of the beauty industry while contributing significantly to ElEMIS' presence in the competitive skincare market.

Digital Promotions

These are the art directions for promotional campaigns I orchestrated. The comprehensive suite encompasses paid social ads for Facebook and Instagram, display banner ads, email, SMS, and on-site assets.

Instagram Story—Ultra Smart

I created an Instagram Story for the Ultra Smart campaign, effectively highlighting the sophisticated features and benefits of the product in a concise and engaging format.

ELEMIS in Korea

I played a key role in introducing ELEMIS to Korea, designing the graphics for the exterior of the store, and building anticipation for ELEMIS' first entry into the Korean market. Inside the store, I curated a visually stunning display by designing a feature wall adorned with frames, effectively conveying ELEMIS' essence and creating an engaging and memorable experience for customers stepping into the brand's inaugural Korean establishment.

Instagram Story—Dynamic Resurfacing

I designed an Instagram Story for the Dynamic Resurfacing campaign, showcasing the skincare line's transformative benefits.

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