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New York, NY




Print Design — Store


The primary objective was to create design assets for the popup store in Flatiron that would seamlessly integrate with the brand's visual identity. This encompassed the development of eye-catching price tags and window decals that would not only convey essential information but also enhance the overall shopping experience.

Flatiron Pop-Up Store

The primary goal was to seamlessly integrate design assets with the brand's visual identity for the Flatiron popup store. This involved creating eye-catching price tags and window decals to convey essential information and enhance the shopping experience. After meticulously designing these assets, I oversaw printing and installation, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback. The success of the store also led to an extension, underscoring the impact of thoughtful design in creating a compelling retail environment.

On-Site Size Guide

I created visually engaging price tags and window decals, paying careful attention to typography, color schemes, and imagery. Once the designs were finalized, I took charge of printing and installation, ensuring that the assets were flawlessly incorporated into the popup space.

On-Site Promo Ad

Developed on-site promotional assets for Snowe, showcasing an exclusive offer of a complimentary tote with orders exceeding $150 on



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