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Print Design — Catalogue


The audience for this BMW catalogue consisted of non-professional customers who may have been encountering BMW car parts for the first time. Therefore, it was essential to strike the right balance between technical accuracy and user-friendliness while maintaining a consistent visual language.

Process & Solution

To effectively convey the location and description of car parts, I employed detailed illustrations, ensuring a consistent visual language while preserving the accuracy of the information. Simplifying complex engineering terminology into easily comprehensible visuals presented a delicate task. This challenge required extensive collaboration with BMW's engineering and marketing teams, coupled with thorough research to ensure that the catalogue highlighted the brand's engineering excellence and remained accessible to all potential customers. The solution demanded innovative graphic design and intuitive layouts, making it easier for non-professional customers to grasp the intricacies of BMW's car parts, thus enhancing their overall appreciation for the brand's craftsmanship.


The challenge pushed me to explore creative design solutions that harmoniously combined aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a catalogue that not only boasted visual appeal but also served as a valuable resource for BMW enthusiasts. The success of this initiative became evident as 1,000 printed catalogues were distributed to BMW dealerships across South Korea, significantly enhancing customer engagement and understanding of BMW's engineering excellence.

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